Friday, April 2, 2010

And so, it begins...

I've blogged before but have never been very consistent with it.  This time will be different.  I wanted to start a blog to help me pursue a few goals (both long & short-term) and to ensure that I met them by establishing a means of accountability.  What better way to account for your activities than a blog, right?
The goals I have are to find a few things and finish a few others.

Specifically, I'm hoping to find:

  • a new job
  • a new relationship
  • new things to photograph
  • new places to explore
And I'm hoping to finish:

  • my dissertation for my Ph.D.
  • my first novel

I figure by requiring myself to write about my progress on these things daily (with no excuses and no whining), I'll manage to succeed.  So that's the challenge, and here's where it begins.  More details to come.

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